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Dear You ...

Assalamualaikum ^^ 

Right now at this very minute, Someone is very proud of you. Someone is thinking of you. Someone cares about you. Someone misses you. Someone wants to talk to you. Someone wants to be with you. Someone hopes you aren’t in trouble. Someone wants you to be happy just for you. Someone thinks you ARE a gift. Someone loves you. Someone admires you strength. Someone is thinking of you and smiling. Someone wants to be on your shoulder to cry on. Someone thinks the world of you. Someone wants to be forgiven. Someone is grateful for your forgiveness. Someone wants to laugh with you. Someone wishes you were there. Someone needs to know  that your love  is unconditional. Someone wants to tell you how much they care. Someone wants to share their dream with you. Someone wishes she could STOP time because of you. Someone loves you for who you are. Someone wants to be with you. Someone hears  a song that reminds her of you. Someone wants to be your friend. Someone stayed up all night thinking about you. Someone wants to be near you. Someone misses your guidance and advice. Someone has FAITH on you. Someone trusts you. Someone needs you to send them this letter. Someone needs your support. Someone needs you to have faith in them. Someone needs you to let them be your friend. Someone will cry when they read this....